The Modern Mobile Workforce - Bonus Part 5

Five Ways VUMC is making mobile device management easy

In our series on the “Modern Mobile Workforce,” we have discussed how Smartphones and Mobile Devices have become an important part of our daily lives and help us to be more productive, efficient, and connected. We are more productive and happier when we are able to use our personal devices to complete work tasks.

We also discussed the risks presented to the Medical Center’s data when using smartphones and mobile devices to connect to VUMC networks. To balance that risk with the needs of our employees, VUMC is taking steps to secure our infrastructure while safeguarding your privacy. Our new Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform will protect Medical Center data on mobile devices while enabling employees to securely access VUMC data and resources from their personal devices.

Here are five ways VUMC Enterprise Cybersecurity has prepared the MDM enrollment experience to be as easy as possible for you.

Making Cybersecurity easy with MDM technology

The MDM application is a simple platform that safeguards Medical Center data, satisfies government regulations and will eventually allow you to access many VUMC resources in a safe manner.

MDM is now available for you to download. You can do your part to safeguard VUMC data and even protect your own data with the installation of MDM.

Simple Enrollment

The Pegasus knowledge articles we have prepared will walk you through the enrollment process step-by-step.

Want to enroll now? Follow these links to enroll your device:

iOS Devices:
Android Devices:


Enrollment Events and Assistance

A series of enrollment events are scheduled to assist you while enrolling and installing MDM on your personal device.

VUMC IT/NTT will be on site in multiple locations in the coming months.

Join us to ask questions and receive IT help with your device at these September MDM Enrollment Events:


11th – 11 am to 3 pm at Light Hall North Lobby

14th – 11 am to 3 pm at Light Hall North Lobby

18th – 2 pm to 6 pm at Children’s Hospital Room 2104

25th– 8 am to Noon at OHO in 1st Floor Conference Room

27th – 10 am to 2 pm at OHO in 1st Floor Conference Room

More events are scheduled. Visit the Enterprise Cybersecurity MDM Enrollment Events page for additional events.

Helpful Tips and FAQs

If you would like to self-enroll or have questions about how MDM works, we have developed a comprehensive list of FAQs and Tips to answer your questions.

Help Desk Support

If you have questions or an issue with MDM installation, submit a Pegasus Ticket, or contact the Help Desk at 3-4357 or 615-343-HELP.

The VUMC-NTT team is always available to answer your questions.




MDM not only safeguards Medical Center data. When MDM is fully implemented this new technology will allow our employees to download VUMC applications, access VUMC resources, and communicate and collaborate from mobile devices simply and securely.

See how MDM fits in with VUMC Enterprise Cybersecurity’s Cybersafe Communications Initiative.