Laurie Lovett Novak, PhD, MHSA

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Informatics
(615) 936-6497
(615) 936-1427

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FOCUS: Impact of HIT on work patterns

Laurie Lovett Novak, PhD, MHSA, is an anthropologist specializing in medical and business/industrial applications, and is Assistant Professor in the Vanderbilt University Department of Biomedical Informatics. Her research has focused on the relationship between information systems and work in clinical settings, especially activities related to design and implementation of large-scale clinical informatics systems. Current projects focus on the implementation of AI in medicine, consent practices in biobanking, the development of conceptual resources and technology for understanding technology use in everyday contexts, and the experience of chronic illness and caregiving in everyday life. Other areas of interest include the social construction of risk and safety among clinicians and patients, and strategies employed by clinicians to create safety and time during the implementation of new technology. Dr. Novak also has a professional background in health care quality improvement and a master’s degree in health services management and policy from the University of Michigan School of Public Health. In the biomedical informatics training program, Dr. Novak teaches social science methods in multiple courses, and a Fall seminar: BMIF 7350: Technology & Society.

Research Interests

AI in medicine, patient and caregiver work, technology and society, design research

Education & Training

BA – Finance, Murray State University
MHSA – Health Management and Policy, University of Michigan
PhD – Medical and Organizational Anthropology, Wayne State University

Research Information

Recent Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
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