How to Submit

How to Submit a Contract to OCM

Click here to log into PEER and begin your submission. An online help document is available. Please review the type-specific information contained in PEER to be sure you include the appropriate attachments with your electronic submission.​

NOTICE: To avoid delays and incorrect processing, incomplete submissions will be returned for completion.

For clinical studies, when submitting your contract request to OCM, please include the study's IRB number if available.

Submitting a grant subcontract

To request that OCM draft or review a grant subcontract, please submit the request through COEUS and PEER. For all grant subcontracts, use COEUS to submit the following required documentation:

  • Letter of intent or face page and budget.
  • For outgoing dollars, create an 'Add-On' grant log in PEER. You will then be able to create a contract submission which is linked to the grant log. (Each PEER log must include:
    • COIs for all VUMC Investigators and Faculty
    • OCM Response to Your Contract Submission
      The PI and departmental contact will receive email confirmation once an assignment has been made to a specific Contract Analyst. Once the contract is assigned, the Contract Analyst may request an electronic version of the contract if it was not already provided with the initial submission.
      Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are fast tracked and only the agreement itself is necessary to be submitted. These agreement must be submitted electronically via PEER.

Click here for more information regarding OCM's handling of CDAs including how to determine if you need to submit your CDA to OCM for review.