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The Vanderbilt Child Health Poll aims to understand the concerns and experiences of parents nationally and in the state of Tennessee. The poll explores parental concerns as a mechanism to inform the public and policymakers of the challenges faced by children. Check out the reports, infographics, methods, and results from our polls below.

  • Project Leads 

    Stephen Patrick, MD, MPH, MS, FAAP; Tamarra McElroy, MPH


     Carolyn Heinrich, PhD; Cristin Fritz, MD; Kelsey Gastineau, MD; Heather Kreth, PsyD; Mia Letterie, MPH; Sarah Loch, MPH; Kim Lovell, MPH, MBA; Jake Lowary,  MPH; Velma McBride Murry, PhD; Katherine Spencer, PsyD; Jay Wellons, MD, MSPH; Joe Zickafoose, MD, MS

    Analytic Lead

    Elizabeth McNeer, MSc


  • The 2024 Vanderbilt Child Health Poll aimed to gather insights from Tennessee parents on issues affecting their children such as food insecurity, mental and behavioral health, education, and firearm safety. The poll surveyed a representative sample of 1,025 parents across the state. Check out polling methods, press releases, and data tables for each topic area below. New data will be released over the next few months beginnings on February 7, 2024. 

    Poll Methods 

    Release 1: Top 5 Concerns, Education, and Firearms

    Release 2: Insurance and Mental Health 

    Release 3: Food Insecurity

  • The Vanderbilt Child Health Poll asked a statewide sample of Tennessee parents about their concerns regarding the insurance status of their children, their ability to afford nutritious food since the COVID-19 pandemic began, their child's education and mental health in light of the changes brought on by COVID-19, their family’s COVID-19 control measures and their plans to vaccinate against COVID-19 and influenza. Where applicable, responses were compared to poll data from the 2020 poll. Check out the reports, methods, and data tables below:

    Masks, Vaccines, and Trust Report & Methods/Data Tables

    Insurance and Food Security Report & Methods/Data Tables

    Education and Mental Health Report & Methods/Data Tables

    Final Report - Interactive & PDF 

    Sports Infographic

    Telehealth & Sports Data Tables

  • As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the US and protective measures to mitigate its impact were enacted, parents and children experienced widespread disruptions in daily life. The objective of our 2020 national poll was to determine how the pandemic and mitigation efforts affected the physical and emotional wellbeing of parents and children in the US.

    For full results, check out our paper in Pediatrics, or view the infographic for a poll summary. 

  • The 2020 Vanderbilt Child Health Poll explored opioid prescribing, use, and disposal amongst parents and children, as well as youth mental health and suicide.

    Read poll results from the opioid module in our interactive report, check out our infographic, and explore polling methods

    Read poll results from the mental health and suicide module in our interactive report, check out our infographic, and explore polling methods