The Child Language And Literacy Lab focuses on the study of language and literacy acquisition in children with typical as well as atypical development. In our research we seek to better understand the language and literacy difficulties of children and to devise and test new methods of instruction and intervention to improve the language and literacy skills of all children. A better understanding of typical language and literacy development informs our explorations of language and literacy learning difficulties. In our training program, we develop graduate students' abilities to conduct language and literacy research and provide evidence-based language and literacy intervention and instruction. We are particularly interested in preparing (a) PhD students whose research will improve school outcomes for children and whose teaching will prepare students to be exemplary school speech-language pathologists, and (b) master's students who are well-prepared for practice as school speech-language pathologists. 

For more information, please contact:

Melanie Schuele, PhD at 615-936-5256 (office) or 615-293-4681 (cell) or melanie.schuele@vumc.org

Looking to pursue a PhD in child language and literacy? We are recruiting 6 PhD students to begin Fall 2024. For more information, email us and find more information at TRAINING GRANTS