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The Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society hosts a number of training videos on ethical issues.  These can be accessed on Vanderbilt's Streaming Media website.


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Lectures and Interviews

Title/Topic Speaker Forum Date Note
Exceptional and Everyday Ethics Keith Meador, M.D. M.P.H.,
Larry Churchill, Ph.D., 
Joseph Fanning, Ph.D.                                 
Surgical Grand Rounds Sept 27, 2013 VUNet ID required
The Hastings Center Conversation Series: Children & Families Bruce Jennings, MA Hastings Center  Oct 20, 2015  
Dr Clayton Interview Ellen Wright Clayton, M.D., J.D. NewsCertified Oct 1, 2013  
Pediatric issues related to genetic testing Ellen Wright Clayton, M.D., J.D. Childrens Mercy KC Nov 15, 2013  
BioVU Ellen Wright Clayton, M.D., J.D. Institute of Medicine Feb 27, 2014  

Avoiding evils of Eugenics in a Genomic Age

Ellen Wright Clayton, M.D., J.D. Vanderbilt University Oct 30, 2009  

Religion and Health: Pitfalls and Possibilities

Keith Meador, M.D. M.P.H. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Oct 31, 2012  
Advance planning for end-of-life care Larry Churchill, Ph.D.
Kate Payne, JD, RN, NC-BC
Gift Initiative Aug 3,2012  
Advance Directives Larry Churchill, Ph.D. Gift Initiative Aug 3,2012  
Healing in Medicine: Lessons from Clinicians and Patients Larry Churchill, Ph.D. UVA Medical Center Sep 15, 2014  
Patient Autonomy Elizabeth Heitman, Ph.D. End of Life Care Tennessee Mar 12, 2014  
Accountability: The New Standard for Integrity in Publication of Biomedical Research Elizabeth Heitman, Ph.D  W Virginia CTSI Nov 19, 2014  
 Role of a Medical Ethicist in the Hospital

Kate Payne, RN, JD, NC-BC
Larry Churchill, Ph.D.

 Gift Initiative Aug 3, 2012