Research Use of Electronic Health Records

We conduct research on the research use of EHRs, including patients’ willingness to share different types of clinical data with different types of researchers; patients’ perspectives on alternative approaches to obtaining their permission for data use; and stakeholder reactions to researcher contact with patients based on EHR phenotyping.

Funding for this research was provided by the National Library of Medicine.

Stakeholder Perspectives on Research Use of EHRs


View the educational videos we developed to support our studies of patient perspectives on research use of EHRs:

Identify. Study. Disseminate. Translate
  • Electronic Health Records: Conveys basic information about EHRs, research use of clinical records and data, and oversight mechanisms and privacy protections employed in such research

  • EHR Discrepancies: Uses a hypothetical study on Type 2 diabetes to explain how and why researchers could discover potentially concerning discrepancies in EHR data