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Unregulated Research Using mHealth Apps & Devices

Exploring Choice of Law Challenges in Multi-Site Research

We are just starting a new project in collaboration with Georgia State University’s Center for Law, Health & Society on to explore choice of law challenges in multi-site precision medicine research.

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Additional Topics

Examples of other projects on which we are currently collaborating include:

  • The All of Us Research Program as members of various cores and committees
  • The ethics of overlapping surgery with Dr. Alex Langerman
  • The effect of comprehensive palliative care services with Dr. Ricky Shinall
  • Treatment refusal, non-adherence, and abandonment in pediatric oncology with Dr. Dan Benedetti
  • Sharing qualitative research data with Dr. James DuBois at Washington University
  • Comparative effectiveness and harms of treatments for prostate cancer with Dr. Dan Barocas
  • Trauma surgery ethics with Dr. Allan Peetz

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In addition to our own research, we regularly work closely with others to design and conduct innovative research to inform empirical questions in biomedical ethics.

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