Climate Change as Spiritual Practice - with Joanna Macy, Jonathan Gustin, David Schenck & Larry Churchill





Join us for

Climate Change as Spiritual Practice


Joanna Macy

author of Active Hope, and

Jonathan Gustin

Founder of Purpose Guides Institute, and Special Guests

David Schenck & Larry Churchill


Date: Monday, June 27

Time: 12pm-2pm PDT (San Francisco)

New York - 3pm, London - 8pm, Paris- 9pm, Brisbane - 5am (on the next day).


Zoom Link: The zoom link will be sent 48 hours before the event.


Cost: Registration is FREE (though a donation request will be sent).


This gathering on June 27th is a follow-up to the gathering we recently had with Joanna Macy on June 14th.







  • 12pm-1pm PDT: Join Joanna, Jonathan, David & Larry as we explore the 6 maxims below.
  • 1pm-2pm PDT: How does Purpose Discovery meet Climate Engagement?


Note: You can attend the whole 2hr gathering or just one of the two segments.


FIRST HOUR (12pm-1pm PDT) - 6 Maxims:


We must move from a cognitive, observer understanding of our situation to a felt embodiment of our predicament, from intellectual knowledge to bodily acknowledgment. This will be our aim in the first half of this gathering: to feel in our bones the plight we find ourselves facing with climate change. The six maxims we will explore in council are:


  1. Work hard to grasp the immensity of the change;
  2. Cultivate radical hope;
  3. Have a line in the sand;
  4. Appreciate the astonishing opportunity of life at this time;
  5. Train your body and mind;
  6. And act for the future generations of all species.


If this intrigues you, read the full article HERE by David and Larry. Joanna is in LOVE with this article (and so am I!). It is 17 pages long, but is worth the effort! Find Larry Churchill & David Schenck bio's HERE.




This hour is for you if you are feeling the ache to take your soul-rooted place during the Great Turning, but are unsure about where that place is. The theologian Frederick Buechner invited each of us to "…(find) the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." By what means can we discover the place where these two worlds touch: our joy and the world's ache?" In the 2nd hour of this Live Webinar we will delve into these topics:


  • The 3-Worlds Of Purpose: Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up
  • The relationship between Soul and Purpose
  • Soul encounter practices to help you receive guidance from Soul
  • What obstacles to purpose discovery may be facing you on your path
  • Purpose Octagon: the 8 Facets of Purpose
  • Time for Q&A with Jonathan Gustin


Want more information about the Purpose Discovery Program? HERE.




We don't have to wait to be swallowed by the next crisis. We can relinquish the story of separation and come together, powered by our soul-level purpose offered as a gift of service to life.


We would love to have you join us.  Again, if you can't make the LIVE Zoom call, no worries, just sign up and you'll receive the recording. 



Jonathan Gustin

Founder, Purpose Guides Institute




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