The Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society (the Center) is an interdisciplinary center that provides service to the University Medical Center, teaching to medical students and residents, and research on the topical questions challenging medical practice, medical science, and medical technology today.

Vanderbilt University is made up of ten colleges and schools. Each school is a leader in its field. The Center for Biomedical Ethics sits in the School of Medicine, but has close working relationships with the Law School, the Divinity School, and the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, the Center has good working relationships with the Department of Philosophy (Phil), the Graduate Department of Religion (GDR-Religious Studies), the Department of Sociology (Soc), and the Center for Medicine Health and Society (MHS), all housed within the College of Arts and Sciences. Within these structures, there are a number of options currently available for graduate study, and there may be future options as well.

  • A Master of Arts degree program is offered through Vanderbilt´s Center for Medicine, Health and Society (MHS) in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Center works very closely with MHS. This MA degree program is suited to students interested in studying health-related beliefs and practices in their social and cultural contexts, and is open to students in six other schools and to outside candidates as well. Students in this program have a certain amount of flexibility in designing a course of study around their interests and may work closely with Center faculty members.
  • The Doctor of Philosophy degree can be pursued through one of the departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students matriculate into PhD programs in PhilosophyReligious Studies, and Sociology, subject to the approval of those departments. Students in all three departments have worked closely with the faculty members in the Center, including special and independent study courses. Center faculty have also supervised PhD dissertations and sat on qualifying and dissertation exam boards. In addition, students in these programs have been involved in Center research projects, and the Center offers students clinical experiences through the Clinical Ethics Consultation Service. The PhD degree is gained in the department into which the student has matriculated.

If you are interested in graduate study in Biomedical Ethics and Society, please contact Dr. Keith Meador in the Center. 615-936-2686 or keith.meador@Vanderbilt.Edu.