FAQ page

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If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact cpiahadministration@vumc.org for help. 

  • Each program has its own application process and application window. Be sure to check the program's website to learn more about the specific application needs and dates. 

  • CPiAH does not offer scholarships at this time. We encourage students to seek financial assistance through private loans. Our Financial Aid and Enrollment Coordinator is here to assist you. Click on the Financial Aid tab to learn more. 

  • No. Students must be permitted to study in the U.S. and have a permanent residence card or Visa. 

  • The cost of attendance varies by program. Here are the costs for 2022-2023.

    2022-2023 Estimated Cost of Attendance
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography 2295 clock hours $50 $14,000 $3,287 $894 $18,231
    Dietetic Internship 1286 clock hours $75 $12,500 $2,855 $131 $15,561
    Medical Laboratory Science 75 semester credit hours $50 $7,500 $2,362 $685 $10,597
    Nuclear Medicine Technology 1626 clock hours $50 $4,500 $3,222 $1,045 $8,817
    Perfusion 96 semester credit hours $100 $39,000 $6,504 $1,965 $47,569
    Pharmacy Technician  624 clock hours $50 $4,000 $2,397 $276 $6,723
  • All of our programs have an in-person component, especially for clinical education. Most of the didactic courses are taught in-person on VUMC's campus. Some of the programs do have blended courses that will only occur online. All classes have a virtual resources and use Canvas to support their course materials.

  • No. VUMC and CPiAH do not offer student health insurance.