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Frequently Asked Questions by Topic


Topic A:Shared Governance
Q1.What is Shared Governance?
Q2.Does a person have to be employed within "Nursing" to participate in shared governance?
Q3.How do we implement shared governance? 
Q4.What are some other terms that might mean the same as shared governance?


 Topic B:Unit and Clinic Boards
Q1.What is unit board?   Clinic board? 
Q2.Does every unit and clinic have one?
Q3.How does unit/clinic board work?
Q4.What are its benefits?
Q5.I have never heard of unit board.  How do I get more information?
Q6. How can we stimulate participation in unit/clinic board?
Q7. My area does not have an active unit board.  We used to, but it fell apart.  How can we get it restarted?


 Topic C:Decision-making
 Q1.Can I really make a difference? 
 Q2.What types of things can Unit/Clinic Boards make decisions about?
 Q3.What is consensus decision-making and why are we to strive for that first?
 Q4.What if we cannot reach consensus?