WFM Advisory Board

The Vandyworks application has been at the Medical Center since 2006. This application was migrated to Workforce Management in April of 2024. Our successes are the extensions that we have created in the system that allow us to view scheduling data, daily assignments, reports and floating in ways that are meaningful for Vanderbilt and the complexities of our multi-faceted organization. 

Those extensions are all the result of our dedicated Advisory Group that has provided us guidance throughout the years!

We love to receive feedback and input from a variety of units and employees!

  • We talk through any questions anyone brings to the meeting, introduce new items we are working on, and then hear from you about tools that will make the system better. Some of the best parts of meetings in the past were the discussions around best practices with units and departments exchanging ideas for how they handle different staffing challenges. So even if you are a WFM Expert (or novice!), your participation is needed!

  • Any WFM Schedule Admin user is welcome to attend the Advisory meetings! If you know someone who often has great ideas for Infor Workforce Management and would benefit from the meetings, please feel free to invite them to the next meeting so they can share ideas.


Do you want to attend the Advisory Board Meetings?

Please email to be added to the invite of the quarterly advisory meeting list. These meetings are via Microsoft Teams and occurs the third Wednesday of each quarter from 9am - 10 am.