Vanderbilt Sport Concussion Center Concussion Conference 2024

VSCC Concussion Conference 2024




    Vanderbilt Sport Concussion Center- Concussion Conference 2024

    Updates on Sport-Related Concussion: Recognition, Recovery, and Retirement

    Call for Abstracts

    Conference Date: June 21st, 2024

    Abstract Submission Deadline-Extension: June 1st,2024, 11:59 PM CT

    General Requirements

    • Abstracts must be submitted online via the VSCC submission portal.
    • Submissions may have been presented previously at another conference but should not have been published as a full manuscript in any journal.
    • The primary objective of the abstract should discuss sport-related concussion, which can include (but is not limited to) the following topics: baseline testing, diagnosis, biomechanics/ engineering, injury presentation, treatment, recovery, and potential long-term effects.

    Abstract Format

    • Abstracts must not be more than 350 words (not including title).
    • Abstract titles should use title case capitalization; do not use all capital letters.
    • Presenting Author should be the one submitting the abstract and is required to register and attend the meeting. If presenting author should change, please notify the conference organizers at
    • All co-authors should be listed when submitting the abstract and include full names with credentials. (e.g., Jane T. Smith, PhD)
    • Any author conflicts of interest should be listed when submitting the abstract.
    • The abstract body must include the following section:
      • Objective
      • Methods
      • Results
      • Conclusions
    • You may upload a JPG/PDF/TIF or 1 key table or figure if needed.

    Instructions for Submission:

    1. You may access the submission page by clicking the following link: Vanderbilt Sport Concussion Center Conference- Abstract Submission Form ( or you may copy the webpage into your browser.
    2. Review the submission requirements and ensure your abstract is formatted accordingly.
    3. Complete abstract submission form in its entirety.
    4. You should receive a confirmation email after submission.
    5. If selected, you will receive an email which will indicate if your abstract was selected for an oral or poster presentation.

    Submit Abstracts Here

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