VMG Mock Code



VMG Mock Code in the outpatient setting is required for licensed staff every other year per VUMC’s Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) policy. Non-licensed staff may be required to complete mock code if there’s a department policy that requires them to do so.  

You can meet the Mock Code competency by attending a Mock Code Event, an event held by a VMG Mock Code Competency Champion (varying dates), or by completing the Mock Code case study. Please see all Mock Code instructions and completion requirements via the Learning Exchange module.

The focus of Mock Code is on activities that should happen before the code team (or EMS) arrives such as the assignment of roles during a code, determining how the code is operationalized, and practicing the flow of code events. This helps increase staff members’ self-confidence, teamwork, and response time in the event of actual code. 

Organized by VMG's Nursing Education and Professional Development


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