VMG Preceptor Awards

2024 Recipients
The 2024 preceptor awards were celebrated during Ambulatory Nurses Week!

  Preceptor Educator Recipient


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  Marianne King, Transplant Coordinator
Liver Transplant Clinic

Quote from Marianne's nomination:
"In preparation for our arrival, Marianne had already crafted a checklist of daily duties as well as important ongoing reminders to help make a busy workflow, manageable, and easy to understand. I truly feel blessed to have her as our preceptor, she is a shiny example of what Vanderbilt and our credo represents."


  Preceptor Evaluator Award


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  LaQuita Clark, LPN
Plastics & Cosmetics Clinic

Quote from her nomination:  
"When I was down on myself, she reminded me that much of the information that I was trying to memorize will come with time and that I am not expected to know everything immediately. She consistently grounded me when I was feeling overwhelmed. Laquita is an asset and deserves this recognition."


  Preceptor Facilitator Award


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  Kelli Petty, Medical Assistant
Surgical Specialties Clinic

Quote from Kelli's nomination:
"She has always acted in a professional capacity and shows our patients compassion and treats them with dignity. Kelli is a problem solver, and always gives constructive feedback no matter the task. Kelli deserves this award in many different aspects because she is a phenomenal preceptor and such an incredible member of our team!"


  Preceptor Protector Awards


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  Ernestine Moore, LPN
VMG Staffing Operations

Quote from Ernestin's nomination:
"Ernestine cares for the patients and wants to protect them from situations that will make their sickness worse. I truly believe she deserves this award."

List of 2024 Nominees

Nominated for Facilitator
•    Camille Deresky
•    Nakia Schneider
•    Shawna Yarborough
•    Desta Cole
•    Dana Foster
•    Kimberly Roberts
Nominated for Protector
•    Mistye Garrett
•    Madga Hanna
Nominated for Educator
•    LaQuita Clark
•    Yvonne Adkison
•    Kim Schafer
•    Anthony Harrell
•    Tracy Anderson
•    G.Rocky Munn
•    Kate Swan
Nominated for Evaluator
•    LaQuita Clark