Immunometabolism 2020 Symposia

Immunometabolism 2020 Mini-Symposia Recordings

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May 8, 2020--Immunometabolism in innate immune cells

  • Mihai Netea

    • Metabolic and epigenetic reprogramming in trained immunity
  • Luke O'Neill

    • Krebs Cycle Reborn in Macrophages
  • Hongbo Chi

    • Metabolic signaling and systems immunology in linking innate and adaptive immunity
  • Katrin Andreasson

    • The immune-brain interface in aging: macrophage de novo NAD+ synthesis specifies immune functions
  • David Sancho

    • Fgr kinase: connecting macrophage and whole body metabolism

May 22, 2020--Immunometabolism in adaptive immune cells

  • Erika Pearce

    • Polyamine metabolism regulates the epigenome through hypousination
  • Christoph Hess

    • Acetate-a Janus-faced metabolite
  • Susan Pierce--represented by her senior fellow, Brittany Riggle

    • Targeting CD8+ T cells: A paradigm shift in treating cerebral malaria?
  • Federica Marelli-Berg

    • Energy requirements for lymphocyte/leukocyte trafficking
  • Ping-Chih Ho

    • When powerhouse is falling down: mitochondiral dynamics in T cell exhaustion

June 5, 2020--Immunometabolism in autoimmune and cancer immunology

  • Chenqi Xu

    • Cholesterol metabolism and antitumor immunity
  • Juan Cubillos-Ruiz 

    • ER Stress and Immune Cell Metabolism in Tumors
  • Jeff Rathmell

    • Fueling T cells and Nutrient Partitioning in Tumors
  • Weiping Zou

    • Metabolic impact on cancer immunity and immunotherapy
  • Laurence Morel

    • Metabolic determinants of follicular helper T cell expansion in lupus

June 19, 2020--Immunometabolism in obesity/diabetes and host-microbiota interaction

  • Yasmine Belkaid

    • Nutritional optimization of immunological memory
  • Lydia Lynch

    • Diet, lipids and anti-tumor immunity
  • Ira Tabas

    • Macrophage Metabolism During Efferocytosis and Inflammation Resolution
  • Janelle Ayres

    • Metabolic adaptations in host-pathogen interactions
  • Dan Littman

    • Induction of Th17 cells and functions in homeostatic and inflammatory microenvironments