Cutaneous Immunobiology Symposia

Cutaneous Immunobiology Symposia


cutaneous symposia


March 5, 2021 Speakers

  • Mariana Kaplan, MD (Senior Investigator in Systemic Autoimmunity Branch at NIH)

    • Neutraphil subsets and NETs in the pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune diseases
  • Shruti Naik, PhD (Assistant Professor of Pathology, NYU School of Medicine)

    • Immune-epithelial crosstalk in inflammation and tissue repair
  • Mike Rosenblum, MD, PhD (Associate Professor of Dermatology, UCSF)

    • Immune Regulation in Skin

March 12, 2021 Speakers

  • Robert Modlin, MD (Chief, Division of Dermatology, UCLA)

    • Cellular and molecular architecture of granulomas in leprosy
  • Eric Tkaczyk, MD, PhD, FAAD (Director, Vanderbilt Dermatology Translational Research Clinic (; Staff Physician, Dermatology and Research Services, Department of Veterans Affairs-Nashville

    • Skin imaging as a source of clinical biomarkers after stem cell transplant
  • Nicole L. Ward, Ph.D. (Professor, School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University)

    • Skin initiated inflammation as a mediator of distant organ injury and co-morbid disease