Training at Vanderbilt

Several features make Vanderbilt an ideal place for training in HIV and HLBS research:

  • Geographic location in the Southeastern U.S. at the intersection of HIV and cardiopulmonary disease

  • Nationally and internationally recognized mentors with clinical and research expertise in HIV, HLBS, or both

  • Substantial institutional investment in systematic career development and resources for junior researchers including VICTR, >50 research cores, and unique mechanisms to pilot new studies

  • Multiple established K12 programs and the Elliot Newman Society for junior investigators

  • The presence of the HIV-supported Tennessee Center for AIDS Research (TN-CFAR), a partnership between VUMC, Meharry Medical College, and the TN Department of Health. The TN CFAR provides access to cutting-edge research facilities and leading investigators

  • Vanderbilt scholars participating in career development programs have an 84% success rate for extramural funding and a 70% K to R or R-equivalent conversion rate

  • Vanderbilt and Meharry Medical College lead the nation in producing minority biomedical scholars

  • Unparalleled access to vast biomedical data and established HIV cohorts, including BioVu, MidSouth CDRN, VACS, NA-ACCORD, CCASAnet, and CNICS