Samuel Bailin, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases

Dr. Bailin earned his baccalaureate degree in biology from the University of Iowa in 2008. He then went on to complete his MD degree at the University of Iowa and completed internal medicine residency and infectious diseases fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He began a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation program through the Vanderbilt School of Medicine in August 2020 and is actively engaged in translational research. His primary focus is understanding how immune responses to persistent HIV may contribute to risk of metabolic diseases in persons living with HIV. He has joined as faculty at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and is funded by the Vanderbilt Scholars in HIV and Heart, Lung, Blood, and Sleep Research K12. His primary goal is to uncover the relationship between latent HIV viral reservoir in adipose tissue, adipose tissue T cell and myeloid populations, and the link with cardiometabolic disease. As part of this proposal, he will generate a detailed single cell adipose tissue atlas, which will be the most comprehensive survey of human adipose tissue to date.