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Healing From Home

This blog site is designed to inspire you and give you hope for the future. We will share stories that will allow you to see inside the lives of others that have experienced a traumatic brain injury. For those that cannot tell their story, their loved ones tell it for them. Here, life is honored, and legacies are made public so that no one ever has to feel alone with this diagnosis. Our experiences teach us, and when you share your story, you help others heal. Living with a TBI takes courage! Unfortunately, these injuries are not always visible, making it much harder! Read to see how others are 'Healing From Home'. If you would like to send in your story/picture to be published, please email TBI@vumc.org. All stories will be reviewed before being posted on this website.

Dallas's Story

 Hi, my name is Dallas. On December 5th, 2018 my life completely changed when I was in a car accident. The wreck was the single most impactful event in my life. My whole life was turned upside down. I totaled 2 cars in one night. It’s believed that I endured a brain injury from the 1st wreck, but it was the 2nd wreck that changed everything. It was at 2:30 in the morning. I woke up and decided to drive without my glasses, wearing only shorts and sandals. It was snowing that night. After veering off the road, I was ejected through the windshield and the car landed on top of my body. The fatality team investigated my wreck because it was assumed that I wouldn't make it. The EMT team rushed me to Vanderbilt so they could determine the extent of my injuries.

Rachel's Recovery

My accident happened May 13, 2018, which also happened to be Mother’s Day. While riding a scooter in downtown Nashville, my friend and I were hit by a car. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and I aspirated, which caused multiple lung issues. My friend and I were in Nashville to watch another friend ref a soccer game, so I fortunately went to Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), and they provided excellent medical care for me. Unfortunately, because I was placed in an “induced coma” and I had a TBI, I do not remember anything regarding my medical care at VUMC.

Marlie's Miracle

Prior to the moment that instantly matured my nature, I had one semester left of my Associates Degree and was working with my father at Flavor Catering as event staff at weddings and concerts, helped keep the food truck service running, and was a cook. I also had plans to visit my close friend Alena in Germany for Oktoberfest for my birthday for about a month. On the other end of life’s little spectrum, I rapidly pushed operations to keep on truckin’. Music is a massive, magnificent part of my life, therefore, I continuously attended concerts and music festivals.

Stacie's Story

Hello! My name is Stacie Spray, and I am 22 years old. On December 6th, 2017 my life drastically changed. I was going to work on my third 12-hour night shift as a Graduate Nurse. I remember that I was listening to my radio so happy about life when all of a sudden, I was hit by a grain truck (a semi) head on. But this whole wreck is what I call a big God moment. The area that I had the wreck is always a dead cell service area, but by the grace of God, multiple phone calls came through to the 9-1-1 dispatcher. My car engine, the semi, and the road were on fire.