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Tips For Family and Friends

An admission to the hospital is hard on everyone, especially with so many unknowns. Please remember to rest, eat, and take any daily medications that you have been prescribed while you are here to visit. We understand that this admission will be stressful. We will take care of your loved one, but we need you to stay healthy too!

Keep a journal. This will help you express all of your anger and fears when there is no one around to vent to. A journal will also provide you an opportunity to look back and see the progress that has been made, keep up with friends that have visited and phone calls to return.

Attend the Trauma Family class that is held every Tuesday in our waiting room from 11am till noon by our Pastoral Services.

Keep a to-do list. Life outside the hospital doesn't stop. Make a list of things that need to be done at home so that friends who offer help can keep pets fed and plants watered and bills paid.

Don't skip important events! If your bedside nurse tells you things are stable that day, keep your cell phone on and go. Everyone needs a break from the hospital from time to time. Do not feel guilty about stepping away for a few hours.

The ICU can be over-stimulating. We recognize that this can be stressful. Please let the providers and nurses worry about the alarms.

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity"

Helping With Recovery

Once your loved one can tolerate the interaction (always ask your nurse first) you can start to:

  • Talk about things that have happened recently
  • Remind them what day it is, what season, and what year
  • Play their favorite music or their favorite TV show
  • Do not keep the music or TV constant, as it will only become background noise
  • Promote their independence
  • Encourage them to do as much as they are physically capable of doing
  • Show recent pictures of family and be hopeful about the future


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Resources for professionals

Brain Links

Brain Links

Brain Links (formerly 'Project BRAIN') had the privilege of serving Tennesseans with brain injury and their families for eighteen years, 2000 -2018. The work and resources of Project BRAIN live on through Brain Links. The expertise has been retained in the Brain Links Team. For training information please contact us at tbi@tndisability.orgClick HERE to find out more.