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Comparative Pathology
Phone: 615.322.3667
Room: MCN S1310

Human Tissue Acquisition
Phone: 615.343.3274
Room: TVC 4902

Phone: 615.322.3667
Room: MCN S1310

Research Histology
Phone: 615.322.3667
Room: MCN S1310

Human Tissue Acquisition


Human Tissue Acquisition Overview:

The TPSR partnerresearchers with access to a wide variety of human specimens and tissues.  Our objectives are to collect, process, bank, and distribute remnant human tissues (both normal and abnormal) from routine surgical resections and autopsies for use by VUMC investigators in basic, clinical, and translational research studies.  Conveniently located near the operating rooms, we are well-situated and equipped to adhere to the specifications required for tissue acquisition outlined by most research protocols.

Our functions include:

  • Providing access to archival pathology materials for IRB-approved research.
    • Archival material includes blocks and slides from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Pathology Department.
  • De-identified and identified tissue is collected  as a joint effort with the Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN), leveraging the over 10 years of tissue acquisition expertise of that group.


Human Tissue Acquisition forms (TPSR and CHTN versions) must be submitted in the following way and provide a 24-hour notice prior to tissue acquisition:

  • Emailed to

 Request Form for Pulling Blocks and Slides

Request Form for Prospective Tissue Collection - Consented or SPORES

-All requests for Pulling Blocks and Slides must be submitted electronically to Incomplete request forms will be returned to the sender until all information is supplied.

If you have any questions, please contact us at