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Comparative Pathology
Phone: 615.322.3667
Room: MCN S1310

Human Tissue Acquisition
Phone: 615.343.3274
Room: TVC 4902

Phone: 615.322.3667
Room: MCN S1310

Research Histology
Phone: 615.322.3667
Room: MCN S1310


We offer training on the following procedures:

  • Fixation techniques
  • Proper tissue handling for paraffin embedding and cryostat sectioning
  • Complete necropsy (including basic anatomy)
  • Specialized tissue dissection (e.g., retina, choroid plexus, pituitary gland)
  • Bone marrow harvest
  • Whole-body perfusion
  • Terminal blood collection
  • Sample collection for microbiological culture
  • Body fluid collection (e.g., cerebrospinal fluid, bronchioalveolar lavage)
  • LCM (Laser Capture Microdissection)

Please contact to schedule Trainings.