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New imaging approach offers unprecedented views of staph infection  - March 2018


Too much manganese may lead to fatal heart infection  - October 2017


Excess dietary manganese increases risk of staph infection in heart  - September 2017


Eric Skaar leads new Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology, Inflammation (VI4)  - June 2017


Northwestern Medicine Magazine Alumni Highlight - Fighting Bacterial Pathogens  - April 2017


The Skaar Lab finds pathogens work together to infect host - November 2016


The Skaar Lab on Channel 5 news - September 2016


Excess dietary zinc worsens C. diff infection - September 2016


Two New Targets to Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria - VICB communications February 2016


Increasing Bacterial Virulence by Metabolic Collaboration - VICB Communications October 2014


Staph ‘gangs’ share nutrients during infection: study - News at Vanderbilt October 2014


Two-Component System Cross-Talk in the Anthrax Pathogen - VICB Communications April 2014


Reflections of a Pioneering Student: Dr. Eric Skaar




Studies outline new model for staph bone infections - ResearchNews@Vandy, 6,2013


Announcement: New Director of Host-Pathogen Interactions Division - Eric P. Skaar, Ph.D.


Antibacterial protein's molecular workings revealed - eScience News, 2/2013


Imaging Technology Devised to Identify Infection Response - ScienceBusiness, 8/2012


Team creates new view of body’s infection response - ResearchNews@Vandy, 8/2012


Event honors new endowed chair holders at VU - Reporter, 3/2012


New program to advance infectious diseases research - Reporter, 8/2011


Institute of Chemical Biology expands leadership - Reporter, 6/2011


The Iron Within - Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, 2/2011 


Burroughs Wellcome Awardee Profile


Staph’s Trail Points to Human Susceptibilities - New York Times, 12/2010


Staph Bacteria Prefer Humans to Animals - YahooNews, 12/2010


Blood-sucking superbug prefers taste of humans - Reporter 12/2012


American Society for Microbiology honors Eric Skaar with Young Investigator Award


Microbiology society lauds Skaar’s infectious disease work - Reporter, 11/2008


Skaar’s research lands ASPIRE young investigator award - Reporter, 9/2009


Stealing Food One Way to Combat Staph - Vanderbilt Magazine, 7/2008


Protein helps starve staph bacteria: study - Reporter 2/2008


 Searle Scholar Award Profile: Eric Skaar


​Proteomics approach reveals how bacteria can ‘steal’ iron - Reporter, 9/2006