J. Scott Fites, PhD

Former Graduate Student
Department of Biological Sciences

After graduating Vanderbilt, Scott has completed postdoctoral training in the lab of Bruce Klein at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Scott's postdoctoral work has widely focused on immunity against fungal diseases. He has worked with human and mouse immunology and also worked with a vaccination study of white nose syndrome in bats. While Scott has worked on projects focused on vaccines, cytokine signaling, leukocyte migration, and genetic susceptibility to fungal infection, his main focus has been on neutrophils. Scott has characterized the antifungal functions of a poorly understood population of neutrophils that acquire dendritic cell features and functions. Since leaving the Rollins-Smith lab, Scott has earned 3 fellowships and published 12 peer-reviewed publications and 2 book chapters at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Photo credit: VUMC Reporter, 2013