Clinical exam/procedure pricing:

Core fees are not related to the pricing for clinical imaging procedures. Clinical imaging procedures will be charged using the current VUMC billing mechanisms. Please do not submit pricing requests for imaging exams/procedures to Radiology.

Clinical imaging exam/procedure pricing requests should be submitted to the VUMC Finance/Clinical Trials Billing Compliance office (CTBC) via https://starbrite.vanderbilt.edu.


Clinical Trials Radiology Support Core Fees:

FY24_Clinical Trials Radiology Support Core_Published Rates.pdf

Clinical Trials Radiology Support Core (Role and Fee Structure).pdf

NOTE: Clinical Trials Radiology Support Core rates are are determined by the Office of Research, reviewed on a regular basis, and are subject to change at any time.




Cadaver or phantom scanning that is not directly related to clinical trial qualification.

Please see the Phantom/Cadaver scan section of this website.