Patient Advisory Council (PAC)

The PREFACE Study strongly values the patient and community's perspective, experiences and understanding of their early-onset colorectal cancer journey and health. Dr. Holowatyj created the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) to partner the study team with our patients so that we can: (1) consider the highest research priorities and supportive care needs based on the patient voice, (2) improve components of the PREFACE Study and optimize our communication methods with patients, and (3) engage participants and increase representativeness across diverse patient groups. 

We are incredibly grateful to our current Council members for their dedication, time and involvement in the PREFACE Study. Please meet some of our PREFACE Study PAC members below!

PAC Chair

Allison Rosen

Rosen Headshot

Allison Rosen is a patient and a community, policy, and research advocate for the adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer and colorectal cancer communities. She has worked in the field of oncology for over 16 years. On June 7th, 2012, at the age of 32—and after years of struggling with Crohn’s disease, her life was totally disrupted when a colonoscopy revealed stage IIC colorectal cancer. She has now been cancer free for 10 years and volunteers her time on committees for young adult and colorectal cancer patients, with groups working on effective patient experience, social media, and outreach initiatives. Allison is active in policy work at the state and national level. She is a public speaker, board member, and volunteer for local, regional and national organizations and non-profits. Allison has deliberately and consciously chosen to dedicate her life—in and outside of her employment—to use her voice and platform to educate, advocate, and continuously learn how best to represent the collective cancer community, including with the PREFACE Study at Vanderbilt. Through her own experience at surviving stage II colorectal cancer, Allison understands both sides of the fence and works to bridge the gap between the healthcare system and the communities that it serves.


We are fortunate to have amazing individuals serving as PREFACE PAC members whom are contributing their perspectives and experiences in a safe space with the study team.

Not all patients experience their early-onset colorectal cancer journey in the same way, and we understand that not all PAC members are comfortable sharing their personal story online.

If you are a current PREFACE participant and are interested in joining the PREFACE PAC, please reach out to our team!