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When children are having surgery at Monroe Carell Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, the PATCH Team of pediatric professionals screens patients for surgery and creates a specific care plan for each patient. Led by APRNs along with nursing and anesthesia, the PATCH Clinic is available for patients with complex medical issues, special needs, and any other complicating circumstances. They coordinate with division specialists to provide seamless care before, during, and after surgery, ensuring that our patients receive quality care in the safest environment.

Our APRN team evaluates patients with some of the following conditions: blood disorders, diabetes, heart disease, history of complications with anesthesia, metabolic and genetic disorders, respiratory conditions, neurological disorders, etc. and as requested by a physician. The team covers patients in multiple areas of Children's including the PATCH Clinic, Inpatient, Holding Room, and Radiology. We can see patients by appointment, walk-in visits, or by phone if the patient does not have another visit to the hospital planned. 


We are currently working to support the first Pediatric Ambulatory Surgery Center in Spring Hill. The team has created inclusion criteria to ensure the safety of patients outside the walls of VCH. We are learning as we go how best to screen and what types of patients are ideal for these centers. It is wonderful to be able to provide pediatric surgical care in the communities in which our patients come from, but it does not come without challenges. The next opportunity for expanding our pediatric surgery locations will be in Murfreesboro late next year.

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The PATCH Team has accomplished a lot during this last year. We have created relationships with multiple teams so that we can provide the highest level of care to our patients and follow national guidelines. One example is that we have a new physician at VCH that specializes in patients with Prader Willi Syndrome. Jointly, we have developed and implemented guidelines for this patient population that will be followed throughout the perioperative environment. We have also worked with teams to improve care when it comes to patients with Sickle Cell Disease, and VTE prophylaxis. We catch patients every day that require coordinated care and development of specific plans. We are so proud of this APRN team and the care we provide!


The PATCH Team includes:

Kim Isenberg, APRN; Mary Beth Bass, APRN; Jessica Dye, APRN; Sarah Hill, APRN; Katherine Danielle Jackson, APRN; Jessica Miller, APRN; Larae Moore, APRN; Elizabeth Smith, APRN; Mary Katelin Thornton, APRN; Elizabeth Wells, APRN; Jason Willis, APRN; Callie Wolfe, APRN