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Jananne Horchi McKinnon, CRNA, MSN

Jananne Horchi McKinnon

McKinnonIn my role as a CRNA, I primarily provide anesthesia care to adults and occasionally to children within the ambulatory division at Vanderbilt. The cases I am involved in range greatly from orthopedics, ear-nose-and throat surgery, plastics, and other types of general surgery, to more complex neurointerventional surgery and specialized surgical oncology.  The wonderful thing about ambulatory anesthesia is the array of anesthetic techniques utilized to maximize both safe and comfortable care for our patients. In one case, I may be utilizing a bier block technique to provide regional anesthesia for a patient and on another, I may be running a protocol case involving a multimodal approach that includes both general and regional anesthesia as well as multiple IV infusions.


When I started my CRNA career here at Vanderbilt 3 years ago, I began in the division of multispecialty adult anesthesia, where each day held a new type of challenge, whether it was a particularly complex case or critical patient presentation. I learned much and grew greatly as a CRNA throughout my time there. When the opportunity presented itself, I was thrilled to join the ambulatory division, as this presents an entirely different set of challenges. While I still encounter demanding cases, there is an excitement around being a provider in one of the fastest growing divisions as we continue to expand to meet the growing needs of our ever-flourishing city and surrounding communities. Not only are we growing in numbers, but we also continue to grow as new services are added and as the demand for ambulatory procedures increases.

During my time at Vanderbilt, I have had the pleasure of working alongside some very talented CRNAs as a member of a new PEER support program where we provide comfort and encouragement for our colleagues after a critical incident, and help promote their ongoing healing. I am particularly proud of my role in this program, as we discover productive ways to help coworkers process the emotional toll our clinical work sometimes takes on us.


Last year I participated in the Epic system implementation as a super-user. As such, I find myself able to help coworkers navigate the system and it gives me great pride knowing that they feel comfortable coming to me. In conjunction with working on the Epic implementation, I have also been involved in the downtime charting committee. In preparation for unexpected Epic downtime and for new surgical centers lacking Epic services, we have been working to replace an outdated paper charting system.

In our spare time, my husband and I love spending time with our friends and family and our two dogs, Sophie and Gracie. We enjoy Moviepass and discovering new places to eat in the foodie paradise that is Nashville.