Managed Print Services moves under VUMC IT administration


Effective July 1, the Managed Print program became part of VUMC IT.  They have assumed administration of the Managed Print mailbox,

Fleet Management will continue to manage the SmartPrinting program until the last of the old machines is replaced The mailbox has been revived for communication on those units.

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Important Note on HP Printer Installs from Vereco

COVID-19 has impacted supply chains around the world, including those of Hewlett-Packard, our preferred printer vendor. This article details the impact on their bottom line.

For us, the consequence is lengthy backorder times when ordering from HP, and consequently a long wait between the time our customers order a machine and the date when we can install it. Vereco will try to minimize this as best we can, but there is a limit to what we can do. If you have questions about your order, or have an immediate need that must be met, please contact one of the Vereco staff listed below.


To see our policy on this, please check our FAQ page and scroll to question #29 near the bottom.


Allocation of charges for machines in critical clinical and infrastructure areas was changed in May, 2020.  Previously, VUMC IT paid the extra Vereco fee for rapid response on service and supply calls for these units.  Those charges, which are about $30 per unit per month, will now be expensed to the department using the unit instead.  This is separate from and does not affect the usual lease and per-click charges.  This charge will be identified on the pullsheet as "Critical Device Chg" plus the AB or AC number of the machine.


Remember our vendor has changed names several times. You may see machine labels that say Auxilio, CynergisTek, or the current name, Vereco. (BTW, the pronunciation is ver--eck--oh.)


As we go into our fifth year, replacement of old equipment will be continuing, including the remaining SmartPrinting units. Some tagging and inventorying of equipment may still continue as needed, as we discover units that were overlooked previously.


To gain our best cost savings, we are strongly encouraging the acquisition of toner for supported equipment via the Pegasus ticketing process. This is a benefit calculated into our per-click cost for the program, so it makes sense to take advantage of it as opposed to paying separately through e-procurement. Our vendor has built up a substantial toner stock here on campus and is able to deliver most orders quickly. For instructions on how to access services via Pegasus, please see the link at the upper left of this page. (Note, though, that if you still have legacy machines through SmartPrinting, or under service contract with a local vendor, please continue to follow existing procedures until those are removed.)

Should you have any questions about the project or require additional information, please contact one of our Vereco managers as shown below.

If you have a specific request for toner, new equipment, etc., please use the links to Pegasus that you see in the menu to the left of this text. Pegasus will route the ticket to the proper area, usually Vereco. However, as noted in the link, requests for scanners and other Epic hardware will be routed to NTT.

Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Michelle Walker Daniel Castro
Service Manager MDS Regional Director
(615) 390-5427 (615) 806-0891


Chargebacks are now running for all parts of the program. For details on the chargeback procedures, please see our FAQ page, question #21, or click to download the PDF flyer from the links at upper left of this page. You can use the machine lookup page in the links list at left to see information on your own machine.

As VUMC moves toward full implementation of the program, additional updates will appear here and be distributed by several other means. We look forward to working with all our departments to streamline and improve our printing processes.

Please check our FAQs and other links to the left for more information.

Sample Auxilio/CynergisTek/Vereco Label: