Center for Clinical Quality and Implementation Research

The Center for Clinical Quality and Implementation Research (CCQIR) at Vanderbilt is dedicated to the advancement of research on the quality, safety, value, and delivery of care through scholarship, service, and education. 

Housed within the Institute for Medicine and Public Health’s Center for Health Services Research, the center conducts research and assists Vanderbilt teams with the design, implementation, and evaluation of clinical quality improvement strategies that address prevention, diagnostics and therapeutics in clinical care as well as the organization of a care delivery system. Our Center faculty and staff:

  • Lead rigorous evaluation of quality, safety, value, and care delivery initiatives
  • Support and lead applications for extramural funding related to clinical quality and implementation science 
  • Assist clinical faculty in enhancing the scientific rigor and dissemination of initiatives in which they are involved
  • Collaborate with operational and quality improvement teams by assisting with program evaluation.
  • Provide resources and mentorship in implementation science to trainees and faculty
  • Support the Nashville VA Quality Scholars Program and Vanderbilt Healthcare Improvement Group (VHIG), a student chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School.