Resources and Websites

National Hemophilia Foundation: The National Hemophilia Foundation is dedicated to finding better treatments and cures for bleeding and clotting disorders and to preventing the complications of these disorders through education, advocacy and research.

Tennessee Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Foundation: The Tennessee Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Foundation is dedicated to advocacy for and support of individuals and their families with hemophilia, related bleeding disorders and complications of those disorders or their treatment. The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life of all those affected through the promotion and support of patient, public and professional education, counseling, research and other services so that each can fulfill his or her maximum potential.

American Thrombosis & Hemostasis Network (ATHN): ATHN is a non-profit organization founded to advance and improve the care of individuals affected by bleeding and thrombotic disorders.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Bleeding Disorder Web Site

World Federation of Hemophilia

MedicAlert Foundation


Vanderbilt Hemostasis Treatment Center

Village at Vanderbilt

1500 21st Ave. Suite 2500

Nashville, TN 37212

Phone: 615-936-1765

Fax: 615-343-1576