How Can I report a vaccine I received from outside OHC?

Why self report?

You may choose to get vaccinated at your doctor's office or someplace outside our program. Medical Center staff who are vaccinated outside the OHC program, even if vaccinated by a Vanderbilt provider, will need to report their vaccine to OHC. Remember that flu vaccination or approved exemption is due by November 18, 2022 for VUMC employees.

If Occupational Health (which includes the Peer Vaccination Program) did not provide your flu vaccine, you may document flu immunization compliance in one of two ways:

  1. Self-report your vaccine after you obtain it. Use this RedCap Survey to upload your external vaccine documentation. This REDCap allows you to:
    1. Upload documentation of your flu vaccine for us to enter into your Occupational Health record
    2. Grant us access to your medical record to confirm receipt of your vaccine, if your vaccine was given at a VUMC clinic, including Vanderbilt Health Walgreens Clinics. (Occupational Health does not access your medical record to obtain vaccine information without your consent).
  2. Allow us to automatically import your flu vaccine from your VUMC medical record into your Occupational Health record. Use this REDCap Survey to grant us consent to automatically update your Occ Health record.
    1. This will allow us to update your Occupational Health record and compliance without the need to send in a copy of your documentation or grant us access to your medical record. The information will be sent to us via an automated process.
    2. You can complete this REDCap at any time, even before you get your vaccine!
    3. It will import vaccines obtained from non-Occ Health Vanderbilt providers as well as any outside flu vaccines that your Vanderbilt provider updates in your chart.

Please note, for more information and to find a list of VUMC Walk-In clinics, including Vanderbilt Health Walgreens locations, click here.

While your insurance will be charged for a flu shot obtained at an off-site location, those on the VUMC health plan will have no out-of-pocket cost if you visit a Tier 1 or Tier 2 provider, including the Vanderbilt Health Walk-In Clinics, Vanderbilt Health Clinics at Walgreens, or another VUMC provider office.

Please note that if you visit a Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens, go to the clinic area and not the pharmacy to ensure those with the VUMC health plan have their service covered at no out-of-pocket cost.