Faculty/Staff Express Care FAQ

  • Express Care is provided by the Occupational Health Clinic as a courtesy service for Vanderbilt faculty and staff. There is no charge for the clinic visit or point-of-care testing.

    If we order labs or X-rays, those ancillary services will be billed to your insurance. Costs not covered by insurance will be your responsibility.​

  • If we order labs or X-rays, you will be responsible for those charges out-of-pocket. We are not on the insurance plan, which allows us to see employees without charging a co-payment. However this means that your insurance will not pay for diagnostic studies ordered in this clinic. Depending upon your symptoms or exam findings, we do offer rapid testing for urinary tract infections, strep throat, and pregnancy at no charge.

  • When you sign in, you can select any open visit time that day. Appointments last approximately 20 minutes. You have the option to select a later time, get some work done, and return shortly before your appointment rather than remain in the waiting room.

    We do have a limited number of same-day time slots that can be reserved by calling 615-936-0955 before noon, for the convenience of people who work off campus.

  • Express Care treats acute minor illnesses, such as colds, flu, bladder infections, sinus infections, common rashes and pink eye.

  • No. Express Care provides quick, convenient care for minor conditions. You still need a primary care provider for your ongoing and preventive care needs.

  • No. Express Care can only provide services to Vanderbilt faculty and staff.

  • A nurse practitioner routinely staffs Express Care. A physician is available for consultation if needed.

  • Consultations are available in the main Occupational Health Clinic. After an initial evaluation, we will help you access appropriate care. Depending upon clinic staffing and volume in the main Occupational Health Clinic, an appointment may be necessary for a consultation.