The GAP Study strongly values the patient and community's perspective, engagement, experiences and understanding of their appendix cancer journey and health. Dr. Holowatyj created the Patient Advisory Council (PAC) to partner the study team with our patients so that we can:

(1) consider the highest research priorities and supportive care needs based on the patient voice, (2) improve components of the GAP Study and optimize our communication methods with patients, and (3) engage participants and increase representativeness across diverse patient groups. 

We are incredibly grateful to our current Council members for their dedication, passion, time and involvement in the GAP Study.


Stay tuned for updates and more information on our GAP PAC Chair, Members and ex-officio member(s)! We would also like to respectfully note that every individual has a unique appendix cancer journey, and we understand that not all PAC members are comfortable sharing their personal story online.

If you are a participant on the GAP Study and are interested in learning more about the Patient Advisory Council, please reach out to further discuss with the study team!