FGC Personnel

Zachary Bacigalupa

Zachary Bacigalupa, PhD

Manager of the Functional Genomics Core (FGC)

Oversees all service requests and CRISPR library uses.

Email: zachary.bacigalupa@vumc.org

Fun Fact: Dr. Bacigalupa was featured in the May 2023 VCI Newsletter! Learn more about Dr. Bacigalupa and his dedication to the FGC HERE!


Sam Schaefer

Sam Schaefer

Research Assistant

FGC  Assistant

CRISPR screens in mouse and human cell lines, healthy donor experiments, helping out others!

Fun Fact: I have never broken a bone!


Summer Brown, MA

Summer Brown

Program Manager, Vanderbilt Center for Immunology

Managing programs

Fun Fact: My favorite season is summer!