Meet Our Staff

  • David Banks, Director, Administration and Ancillary Services

  • Manager: Debb Allen

    Supervisors: Edward Bradley and Mary Williamson

    DELTA Operations' responsibilities include (and are not limited to):

    • After-Hours Trouble Call Response
    • Fire Alarm Monitoring
    • Building Environmental System Monitoring
    • Access Card Security System Monitoring
    • Departmental Emergency Call Tree
  • Building Systems Sr. Project Manager: Nick Korando

    Building Systems Auditor: Glenn Grah

    The Building Systems Management (BSM) group works to optimize the performance of Medical Center building systems. 

    Building performance optimization consists of improving building energy efficiency while maintaining:

    • occupant comfort,
    • safe environmental controls and
    • proper control of the building's HVAC and Electrical systems.

    The BSM group utilizes computerized building automation control systems, continuous commissioning of HVAC systems, utility usage measurements and various energy efficiency strategies in an effort to optimize the performance of the VUMC building systems.


    Director: Mike Gable