Protect Your Digital Life

Every 39 seconds, a hacker attacks a computer. Are you next?  Imagine losing your life savings, sensitive photos, or access to your loved ones in a single online attack. It's not a nightmare, it's a reality for many.  A few easy steps you can take to reduce this risk.

Passwords. Passwords. Passwords.

Change your passwords regularly.

Remember, when creating passwords, at work or at home, making them complex helps minimize the risk of you being hacked. A few things to keep in mind when creating a password:


Use Multi-factor Authentication!

Multi-factor Authentication

Enabling MFA significantly reduces the risk of being hacked. Activate MFA on your most valuable accounts, like email, social media, and financial services. Consider using authentication apps or hardware tokens for added security!

Update Your Software

Update your software

Where you can, enroll in automatic software updates. Where you can’t, make sure to accept the update when you receive the notification on your computer/phone!