Hope Lancaster, PhD

Hope Lancaster received her Ph.D in 2015 at Vanderbilt University with a major in child language and literacy disorders and a minor in research methods. Dr. Lancaster’s dissertation (Language Disorder Typologies: Clustering and Principal Component Analysis in the EpiSLI database) examined how children with language impairment cluster. She is interested in how big data methods can be applied in the field of child language research. Her current research interests include how cognition and language interact in children with and without language impairment, specifically when predicating academic outcomes.


Dr. Lancaster was a trainee on a Leadership Training Grant from the US Department of Education, Preparing Teachers/Scholars in Language and Literacy, (PI: Schuele). She was a Research-Mentor Pair travel awardee for ASHA 2014 and has received several other travel and intramural research grants.

Research Information