Upcoming Courses & Seminars

Members of our research lab speak at a variety of functions throughout the year. The following are workshops, professional meetings, and seminars where at least one member of our group is scheduled to present. For more details, contact the coordinator listed or follow the web links provided below:


Feb 22 - Feb 26: American Balance Society & American Auditory Society Conferences

Mar 30 - April 2: American Academy of Audiology: Audiology Now! Conference

  • 2018

    • September 27-28:  Alabama Academy of Audiology Meeting​
      • Miramar Beach, FL 
    • October 18-20: Vanderbilt Otolaryngology Temporal Bone Dissection & Cochlear Implant Course
      • Nashville, TN
    • October 25-26:  13th Annual Michigan Audiology Coalition Conference
      • Lansing, MI