A primary mission of the Division of Addiction Psychiatry is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and confidential treatment for all forms of addiction. 


Acute Detoxification

As a first step on the road to healing addiction, many people require acute medically managed detoxification from substances in a safe and confidential setting. Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital provides acute detoxification from all substances using state-of-the-art clinical practice delivered by experts in the treatment of addiction. Multidisciplinary teams, including physicians, nurses, social workers, and mental health technicians provide personalized clinical care aimed at treating addiction and the related medical and psychiatric disorders often associated with substance use. Plans for continued treatment in outpatient or residential programs are jointly formulated with patients, families and treatment teams to ensure the highest measure of success upon discharge. If you or a loved one is in need of acute treatment for any form of addiction, please call our admissions office at (615) 327 7000. 

Outpatient Clinics

The outpatient clinic is staffed by psychiatrists who are specialists in the treatment of addiction.  Patients whose addiction care is not emergent, can receive an evaluation for their addiction and also recommendations for management as either outpatients or inpatients.  Many of the patients who were initially evaluated as inpatients can be followed in the VPH Addiction Psychiatry Clinic. 

VUH Addiction Consultation Liaison Service

The Vanderbilt University Hospital Addiction Consultation-Liaison Service seeks to improve the care of patients with substance use disorders across VUH and to advise other services on the management of patients with complex addiction issues.  Patients at VUH with complex addiction issues often have medical sequelae of their substance use problems that require multidisciplinary intervention.  We work collaboratively with inpatient and outpatient providers across VUMC to provide value-based care for the chronic medical illnesses so that patients are treated with respect and compassion, and so that they can complete successful transitions to outpatient care.

Special Populations

The VPH Addiction Psychiatry Clinic has a specialized program for treatment of patients addicted to painkillers and other forms of opioids which can include maintenance treatment with suboxone.  This program involves regular visits with the attending psychiatrist, as well as group therapy with nurses who are expert in the treatment of opioid addiction.  One area of special expertise is the management of pregnant women who are addicted to opioids and their management in collaboration with the Vanderbilt Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Another area of expertise is detoxification of patients with chronic pain, who have become addicted to their pain pills; such patients are managed in coordination with the Vanderbilt Pain Clinic and the Center for Integrated Health.