Fundación Infant (Argentina) - An International Clinical/Research Opportunity

The Vanderbilt Vaccine Center and Fundacíon Infant are pleased to offer an immersive international field experience involving clinical and research training in Argentina, providing thorough insight on Argentina's unique healthcare system. Open to Vanderbilt residents, medical students, and undergraduate students, this program will provide participants with the opportunity to conduct biomedical translational research or pediatric rotations at hospitals and medical centers in Buenos Aires. Students will be embedded into a fully bilingual team of both local and U.S.-trained researchers and physicians and students will also have the opportunity to shadow certified physicians in pediatric hospitals or primary healthcare model centers. While the focus of the program is completely scientific, participants are encouraged to take advantage of Spanish lessons, Tango lessons, sites around the country, and multicultural aspects of Buenos Aires to learn the local culture and interact with local people. 

Fundación Infant, led by Dr. Fernando Polack, is an Argentinean non-profit organization that translates laboratory findings into preventative and therapeutic medical interventions that promote pediatric health. Infant's main areas of interest include dengue, asthma, breastfeeding, and basic and translational research and epidemiological studies in pediatric respiratory pathogens. Dr. Polack serves as the Cesar Milstein Professor of Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Best Pediatric Researcher of the Year 2010, awarded by the Society of Pediatric Research.


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