Immunology Core

The Immunology Core provides a wide-range of support and assays to assist investigators in their research with a primary interest in assessing cellular immune responses during clinical trials. We strive to assist investigators with sample processing, storage, shipping, documentation, assay design, assay development, and evaluation of immune responses. Our dedicated staff can provide consultation to investigators on the types of immune assays to choose for clinical trial monitoring and data interpretation. It is the goal of the core to monitor immune responses during clinical trials using the latest advances in technology and provide practical applications of this technology to evaluating immune responses. We continue to develop new immune monitoring technology with industry and academic collaborators. The immunology core has extensive experience in assay development and optimization and will assist in the selection of appropriate assays and antigens during the protocol/developmental phase of a study or trial. A brief description of assays are listed below, however; each study design will have unique features that require careful consideration and development and optimization prior to testing samples. Thus, specific assay conditions are not described in detail. 


Flow Cytometry Core           

The Flow Cytometry Core Lab enjoys state-of-the-art digital instrumentation maintained at the highest standards attainable. This quality control allows researchers to sort cells at high efficiency and purity under the proper conditions or to run analytical experiments with as many as 17 different fluorochromes simultaneously. The Flow Cytometry Core is dedicated to providing the best service and training possible to ensure the best results attainable for research scientists and physicians.