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About Vanderbilt Operational Services

Vanderbilt Operational Services (VOS) is a multi-focal department designed to help open new locations, manage clinical and/or administrative moves, and to serve as the operational arm for all clinical locations outside of the 21st Avenue campus. This operational support includes common infrastructure and systems such as environmental services, building management, hazardous waste pick-up, rent and utilities, IT infrastructure, phones, etc. The goal of the VOS team is to work with each customer to meet the non-clinical needs of their respective clinics on an ongoing basis. VOS's institutional goal is to mirror the centralized management of core systems that the clinics on the 21st Avenue campus enjoy as it relates to contracts, services, etc.

Should you or your staff in one of the geographically distributed clinics identify an operational (non-clinical) need, please contact VOS at vosrequest@vumc.org or at 615-875-5867.

Vanderbilt Operational Services provides operational infrastructure support for the following services:

  • Technology and phone support computers, printers, phones
  • Facility management support plant services requests, building maintenance needs, heating/cooling
  • Environmental services support janitorial services needs, biohazard pick-up needs, sterilization
  • Signage support internal and external signage needs
  • Equipment and furniture support new or broken equipment/furniture
  • Vendor/Landlord management support services contract management, landlord contact
  • Medical records support
  • Telemedicine inquiries