Alison Richterman, RN, BSN, BSed, CTTS-NCNTT/NCTTP, CPAHA-Tobacco Treatment

Registered Nurse, Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Alison Richterman joined the ViTAL (Vanderbilt Center for Tobacco, Addiction and Lifestyle) team in 2018 as an in-hospital Tobacco Treatment Coordinator. She holds bachelor degrees in both nursing and education. Alison has an extensive professional background, including critical care, ER/trauma, research, and teaching experience.  As a Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Alison intertwines her mastery in both nursing and education to empower patients to improve their own health outcomes.

Alison has been a member of ATTUD and certified as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist since 2019. In 2023, she became a Certified Professional by the American Heart Association – tobacco treatment (CPAHA-tobacco treatment). A year later, she became nationally certified in Nicotine and Tobacco Treatment (NCNTT) along with Tobacco Treatment Practice (NCTTP).