(VPH) Psychiatric Assessment, Validation and Evaluation (PAVE) Skills for Success


Course Type: Live Event

Course Description:

"PAVE the Way to Safety"

PAVE is Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital's Annual Competency Event required for licensed and non-licensed clinical staff held each Spring over multiple days. LMS registration is required to attend. New employees hired after January 1, 2019 are not required to attend PAVE.

Participants are provided the opportunity to review skills, participate in didactic and discussion sessions, and engage in hands-on practice.

Competencies Include:
• Nursing Skills
• Crisis Management
• Handle with Care
• Restraint and Seclusion
• Safe Patient Handling
• Additional competencies for identified knowledge gaps.

VPH Staff responsible for self-registration in the Learning Exchange

Hosted by Nursing Education and Professional Development.





Spring 2020 dates:
  • Friday, February 21
  • Monday, March 23
  • Thursday, April 23
  • Tuesday, May 26
Times vary by date and listed in the
Learning Exchange

Vanderbilt Psychiatric
Hospital Gymnasium

Questions? Contact:

Suzy Brock, Associate Program Manager
Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital
Nursing Education and Professional Development
615/936-8826 or suzanne.b.brock@vumc.org