FAQ's - Peer Review 2022

Redcap Tool allows input of self and peer evaluations for Peer Review that supports Magnet Requirements.

Tableau Tool allows leaders to view self and peer evaluation information. It also allows addition of job codes (see below when/why you would do that), review of individual staff Peer Review for evaluations, and tracking of staff who have completed self and peer reviews.

Issue: Leader does not have access to the tableau peer review dashboard

Do  you have access to tableau?
If yes:
Email Jacob Hunter and give your vunet ID request access to tableau peer review dashboard as a leader.
If no:
Request access from your security manager (typically an AA in your department).
Issue: I do not see my employees in Redcap or I do not have a leader in the current position.
Assure ePac’s are correct, confirm via performance central org chart.
- If correct, follow-up with HR rep
Issue: Staff cannot log into the Redcap tool or it is showing me a branching logic error?
- Assure link is correct (to be posted June 1)
- Utilize Chrome for logging in
- Notify your Peer Review Champion for follow up if all are still not working correctly
Issue: Staff does not have anyone to review in Redcap but instead have a long list of employees they can review.
If you do not have assignments, please check with your one-up leader on expectations, most units will require at minimum two peer reviews along with a self-evaluation.
Issue:  Leader or staff does not see ___________ job code added, how do we do that?
One-up leaders can go in and request via Tableau.
Per HR and Peer Review Leadership, only RN’s and those in direct-care support of RNs should be performing Peer Review.

Issue: I am unable to assign peers in the redcap survey as it alerts “You cannot assign reviewers since you are not a manager of any departments”
Check your Performance Central reporting tree to confirm you have appropriate staff reporting to you as a leader.
Adjustments would be done by working with your leader and submitting changes to ePac.

Question: If our staff are using the Peer Review Redcap process, do they also need to do Performance Central self eval?
The Performance Central self-evaluation is not a requirement this year. Check with your one-up leader to confirm if any staff in your area will need to submit a Performance Central self-evaluation. For additional questions on Performance Central, check with your HR business partner.
Question: I have non-nursing staff who do not show up in Peer Review to assign peers. How do I add them?
Confirm with your one up leader that non-nursing staff are approved to be in the Peer Review process. HR has recommended non-nursing non-direct caregivers do NOT participate in Peer Review. If the non-nursing staff did not participate in Peer Review previously, that should not change this year.