Preliminary Program

Monday, Oct. 18th:  8a-6:15p

Tuesday, Oct. 19th:  9a-12:15p 

¨      Osteoporosis and Solid Organ Transplantation:  Implications for the Advanced Practice Provider

¨      Transplant Infectious Disease in the COVID Era

¨      Open Forum—Ask Your Pharmacist

¨      Substance Abuse and Transplantation

¨      Adherence in Transplantation

¨      Mobile Applications in Transplantation

¨      Management of Post-Transplant Hyperlipidemia

¨      Treatment of Anxiety and Depression in Transplantation

¨      Dermatologic Risks in Transplantation

¨      Diabetes and Transplantation

¨      Pre– and Post–Transplant Obesity

¨      Telehealth in Transplantation: Regulation and Opportunities for Advanced Practice Providers

¨      Time for Innovation: Organ Monitoring with Allosure