Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Research

The craniofacial and plastic surgery research infrastructure is currently being built. We have a lot of great ideas, so check back to see what projects we will be implementing within the near future! 

Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Research

General Overview of Research Aims

  • Case report: Management of oral-sino-ocular fistula in a bilateral Tessier no. 4 cleft
  • Case report: Nasal encephalocele repair, craniotomy, and mini-bandeau in a 1 day old: Technique and lessons learned
  • Comparing perceptions of aesthetic outcomes of craniosynostosis 15 years post-op
  • CranioRate - NIH funded multi-center study to use machine learning to create severity scores for headshapes
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) & neuropsychological outcomes in pediatric patients diagnosed with craniosynostosis
  • Evaluating perceived perspective of care in a multidisciplinary craniofacial clinic
  • Implementing a bone anchored implant early hearing intervention for children with cleft lip/palate 
  • Implementing the PedsQL as a standard-of-care quality of life measure in the craniofacial clinic: Methodology and preliminary results
  • Influence of radiographic soft tissue findings on clinical entrapment in pediatric patients with orbital fractures
  • Perceptions of aesthetic outcomes in cleft lip: What matters to the surgeon and the parent?
  • Synostosis Research Group (SynRG) 9 center Center Craniosynostosis Consortium

Recent Publications

Please contact Ashley Volk if parents want to participate in the ongoing study.